Friday 17 August 2018

Sector Imperialis: Basilicanum


This has been a rough couple of months, but I think there's light at the end of the tunnel and it isn't oncoming traffic. Finally.

Quietly, when time allows, I've been painting up my 40k scenery as my mental capacity for anything more complex has been zero. This is the first of the buildings, my Basilicanum. It isn't the same as the new Kill Team themed scenery, it's part of the older, Imperial Sector releases. Hard to believe I bought these nearly a decade ago and have only just started painting them.

My gaming board is set on a red earth planet, so let's call it Mars for the moment as I don't have many other reference points, and imagination isn't my forte.

I've really enjoyed painting these. From broad sweeps of the brush for the terrain, down to fiddling over little details in the scenery itself. From a little gas cannister pushed up against an oil drum, the Martian earth catching in shattered window frames, old propaganda posters, deactivated control panels, to mold on the underside of the roof tiles - which is a hidden treat and not in the photos.

You will be bored of scenery over the next couple of weeks, I promise. But this has been a form of therapy for me, and it's brilliant to have painted terrain to accompany my army on the table.

A little scruffy bonus shot, just to prove that I am painting the underside of the floors too. The introduction of mold, which may be a work in progress as I perfect my techniques for this.