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Sector Imperialis: Summary

With the main pieces completed, I can breathe a little sigh of relief and reflect on the success of the project, because I'm super happy with the outcome. But here's how you can get similar results. Resources None of the little tips and tricks here to add detail on these terrain pieces are new. A good number are stolen from the excellent He's awesome. Especially his Dino Gas station ( ) which is honestly inspiring and encouraged me not to be so lazy when making my terrain pieces - his pieces look so lived in. I went on a basing course with the excellent Mamikon Khachikyan aka NokiStudio ( ) and gained some great insight into thinking about themes, colour choices, contrast and texture. I've tried to pull some of those learnings through. Clutter Magazine clutter is TV listings from a local newspaper.

Sector Imperialis: Sanctum

Here's the final piece of the terrain build, the Sanctum. It's dull, a curious shade of grey, and literally rotting from within. I felt that was an appropriate metaphor for the grimdark Imperium. There's blood splatter, control panels, candles, posters, gang markings and old papers. I do love adding the detail on these. Phew.

Sector Imperialis: Schola Progenium

This building represents a ruined training facility for the Adeptus Ministorum. An execution against a proclamation, more gang graffiti, torn down posters and everlasting candles. Details, details, details. I've had a lot of fun with some of the smaller details, like the blown out windows having dust gathered in the corners.

Sector Imperialis: Administratum

The speed is coming back a little now ... so here's what's left of an Administratum. Some fairly major damage here, literally just a corner of this fine establishment left now. They even blew the bloody doors off. Few shots with the interior detail featuring a ruined terminal, clutter, gang graffiti and a functioning control panel. And the mobile-shot mold angle. I enjoyed painting this such a dull and boring colour, then working out how to add life and character. The Martian earth basing scheme I've applied across my models works really well here in contrast, but keeps the warm feeling.

Church Tank: WIP #3

I couldn't decide how to mount the cannon onto the tank. Problem solved this weekend when I realise it's the right width to fit inside a Rhino hatch. Glued in place, then the back of the hatch has been sanded down, so when the cannon's mounted, there'll be a little tilt upward. Pleased to have solved this puzzle. Threw a few more pieces of ridiculousness on the tank and it still looks perfect 40k. Smoke launchers where the old turrets were, lights from the Imperial Sector box, and a few ornamental statues. Inside there's more lights, some cogs, ladders, lions, tigers and oh my! Straws? Of course there are straws. I love straws. They're roughly glued into place, and all the glue will be painted to look like an abundance of ugly weld marks and verdigris. A point to note about the scenery build. On the top of each post is a small but important detail that should be the correct way up. Can't see it? So when assembling the church, I

Sector Imperialis: Synod Outpost

Building names outside the scenery sets are far and few between, so I've called this my Synod Outpost. It's deisgned to be a small bunker for the priesthood, albeit ruined. Random blood, hazard striping on the doorway threshold, a crude attempt at an Amiga Workbench 1.3 ROM screen on the display panel, little posters on the back of doors - where you'd literally never see it. This is the kind of detail I love adding.