Monday 26 March 2018

Space Wolves: Primaris Hellblasters

Here's the Hellblasters to finish up the Primaris Marines from the Dark Imperium box.

This has taken way, way longer than I wanted - and there has been a good mix reasons and excuses for not wrapping them up earlier, but they're finally out the way. I'm happy with how these guys turned out, but painting in batch does mean you repeat the same errors on 20 figures simultaneously. That's a little demoralising. Next time I'd complete a test figure to 100% before diving in on the whole set - but that's what blind enthusiasm gets you.

I'll post up a few groups shots when possible, as they should look pretty good all on the table.

Saturday 24 March 2018

Space Wolves: Primaris Intercessors Squad #2

So, here's more Intercessors. Yep, definitely more of them.

That's all the standard troops done now, so just the Hellblasters to go. Nearly there!

Monday 19 March 2018

Space Wolves: Primaris Intercessors Squad #1

It was important for me that all the models in the Primaris force should have different heads. This did make batch painting helmets impossible, but has added a nice feral feel to the force.

I'm pleased with how a few of the faces turned out. Always room to improve, but Ginger Gingersson in the shot above just worked super well.

Sunday 18 March 2018

Space Wolves: Primaris Lieutenants

Fatigue has set in with Space Marines now. Batch painting 17 of them has been draining me and I didn't realise it. But we're onto the home stretch now.

Saturday 10 March 2018

Space Wolves: Primaris Captain

I sorely want to be painting other things now, but have a need to get the Space Marines wrapped and back on the gaming table. So here's the first in a run of tabletop-ish Marines to see that happen.

Friday 9 March 2018

Handsome Jack

I went on a painting workshop last weekend with the talented Alfonso "Banshee" Giraldes to learn colour theory, bravery and to paint better and quicker. It was a wonderful weekend where I learned so much, from both Banshee and the other attendees. At some point I'll post the figure I painted but that's for the future.

However, during the workshop, Banshee said "imagine how far you can go in five hours". So I imagined.

Here's my attempt to do Handsome Jack justice in that time frame. It's not perfect, and a lot of rework was done, but think my painting is going in a good direction and enjoying harnessing the newfound enthusiasm.

The figure is from the excellent Mr Lee ( and I picked it up at Salute last year and left it languishing in a drawer, but the workshop really fired me up to try painting more busts. My total to-date was one before last weekend and I'm now at three, it's all very exciting.

Monday 5 March 2018

Geek Pit

Since getting back to the hobby, I've wanted the "perfect" geek pit. That's never actually obtainable, but with work finished on our house earlier this year, it's been something to aspire to.

I've had a perfectly servicable desk but trying to run that and my PC on a small stand behind it wasn't working well. No real flow for me.

Ten months on and I finally got access to a larger space and was able to put new units it. So now there's 3.6m of nerd wall and it's all mine!

One space for computer, one space for painting station - and sufficient wiggle room that my daughter can pull up a chair alongside me when she wants to paint as well. I got to pull the 5.1 surround out of storage and hook that up too. Very exciting.

Saturday 3 March 2018

Grey Horde: February 2018

Bought: 0
Sold: 14 Dark Eldar Kabalites
Painted: 10 Word Bearers, 6 Vending Machines, 1 Sportscaster, 1 Space Wolf, 3 Norsemen
Total: -35

That's right. A big, fat zero at the top for things I bought!

Not as productive as I wanted, but still a decent month. A little more cleared from the Cupboard of Doom, and a few more projects progressed well. Selling off another unit of 40k 3rd edition "why on earth did I buy this?" was good, but ... finally wrapping up projects? A warm glow of happiness. That's my Norsemen, my Sportscasters and a terrain project all finished up.

Thursday 1 March 2018

Norsemen Expeditionary Force

And here we are with the finished warband.

It was definitely worth revisiting the first two I painted a while back to add a touch of blue cloth for a unified feel across the group. Tweaking the weapon colouring to echo a darker blue turned out well too. Adding the bases to make them look out of place has added warmer but neutral colours and tones that contrast the textural browns of the clothing.

This was hard work, and I can't count how many times skin for the barbarian was repainted, or how much time I threw away trying to get the eyes looking correct, let alone consistent and in a direction. But, in the end they've ended up better than I thought they were going to. Trying to paint a whole set of super-detailed Hasslefree figures was giving myself a bit of a hospital pass, but it's done and I can breathe a sigh of relief.