Wednesday 15 February 2023

Ogryn Slave Gang





 Well, they won't win beauty competitions any time soon but I really like these models. Another project that's been sat on the desk for months in a state of half-completion, and it was nice to see them finished. It's a slimmed down version of how I approached the Ogryn from my Golden Demon entry last year, and a much more tabletop level as a result - but it was fun.





Tuesday 7 February 2023

Mugruk Da Watcha




I painted this as a secret Santa present and was quite pleased with the results. In particular, the textures were great fun, especially considering how flat and smooth the stone and wood surfaces started. The one major error I made was getting lost between deciding if it should be a centrepiece for a gaming table or a display piece, and it ended up as a compromise. If it were a display piece, the edges would have been much darker to draw the eye in, and if it were a gaming piece, the edging should have been better defined.

Sunday 5 February 2023

Dragon Huntress



 This was a figure I picked up way back in 2016 at Salute when coming back to the hobby. It's from the (now defunct?) JoeK range, which had some very cool ideas.

It's not a big model, but I just wanted to try and create fast shiny effects, and play around with skin tones on a dragon.

 Below are the reverse WIP shots through the process.




I kitbashed this last year and in various stages its sat on my painting desk as a work in progress. This year I aim to be better at finishing projects, and not starting new ventures while leaving a trail of unfinished things behind me.

This was a fast paint that only took months because of my procrastination. They're a sniper, but not a fancy super-clean assassin like often seen in Warhammer. This is someone who gets dirty in warfare

It's an Imperial Guard commander body, Adeptus Mechanicus arms and gun, and a Necromunda Palanite Enforcer.