Monday 26 December 2016

Ogre with Table

Heresy Miniatures make some lovely figures, but a lot of the names are perfunctory and Ogre with Table is a great example of that. Thankfully it's a lovely figure, and was good fun to paint.

I'm aiming for this to part of my expanding NPCs to loiter on the edge of Guild Ball matches. Colours were on-the-fly rather than planned, and I think it shows - too much similarity across his jerkin, hair and the fur. Happier with the skintones and transitions from dark to light.

Also, a teaser of a new project - the 90 minute challenge. The name probably gives you all the detail required to understand the goal :) This is where I am at the 30-40 minute mark ...

... and the full figure should be wrapped this week.

Monday 19 December 2016

Guild Ball Hunters: Theron

This is the last of the three figures started on the painting course with Arcane Paintworks and of the set, I'm glad this one is finally out the way. It's Theron, the captain of the Hunters from Guild Ball.

Considering at the start of the project I was convinced the eyes were unpaintable, it was nice to finish with blue irises on the little fellow. Had a lot of fun mixing colours and using yellow to highlight up on the green and browns which was very much outside my comfort zone and Meg the instructor was great at encouraging us to do exactly that.

The basing isn't much to write home about, but apart from my Morticians having slightly more themed bases, I plan to keep most of the Guild Ball teams on pitch-style bases.

Didn't quite get on with the sculpt, which is a shame as there's some lovely detail in there - but it simply didn't tug at me the same way a lot of the other Guild Ball sculpts do. With that said, I caved and bought the rest of the team in resin when they were on sale recently - so this colour scheme will feature again.