Wednesday 29 July 2020

The Cauldron Warband

Fenris Games make some lovely, crunchy, oldschool sculpts. Their last Kickstarter ( was a fine example of this. Really digging that Realm of Chaos, late 80s vibe and was compelled to back it.

I wanted to inject a little more colour and less uniformity, as it's often my downfall when painting.

Definitely quick rather than precise, but it was fun trying to mix all the colours from just magenta, blue, yellow and white. Happy with the result, which is colourful, yet miserable.

Hinrich Rottgard
Mixed feelings on this fellow. I didn't enjoy painting the robes on the rear, and feel it shows that I rushed it.

Kopron the Razor
The metals were painted as a greyscale, then I introduced all the colours from elsewhere on the model to liven them up.

Putriss Aranica
Trying to paint a bright rust was good fun. Some texture added into the robes just to break up the surfaces. Face detail is almost irrelevant under the big old pointy hat.

Maldred Plaguebringer
The first one painted, and colour-wise definitel the most linear on transitions.

Annuvin The Watcher
My favourite sculpt and paint job. The bird as a bluish light source, contrasts with the yellow lights on the opposite side, and then some gentle glow on the face added because I could.

Monday 20 July 2020

The Summoning

This was a fun experiment. A friend supports Titan Forge's Patreon and printed the djinn for me. I was going to paint it as a standalone model, when my daughter suggested it should have something else there - so I added a figure from the Hasslefree range to help the narrative.

To tie them together, I've used the same colour on the fabrics and jewellery, and the pink glow from the summoning stone runs through the floor, underside of the djinn and the summoner's eyes. Tricky to photograph and I think lacking a "golden angle" so that's something for me to work on in future projects.

Other areas to improve on - adding texture to fabric. Missed opportunity here. But having multiple light sources balanced against ambient light was an interesting test. Some good areas, some not so good. But heading in the right direction.

Friday 17 July 2020


Playing with huge light sources, and wanted to try a bright blue light as a test for another project I'm working on. Pulled out a test Primaris to see if it was feasible. Then I wanted to add environmental lighting, too, then it all got VERY COMPLEX and I realised I had to paint green to make it work.

So here's an accidental Salamander!

Everything painted from the three primaries and just mixed up a bit.

And if you're interested in how these projects come together, here's some WIP shots where I tried to determine position of shadows, volumes etc.


Tuesday 14 July 2020

Howling Griffon

We should catch up on a few of my recent projects, because I have been painting as my mechanism of handling stress and frustration, as apparently screaming into the void isn't actually an option.

So here's a simple challenge. Pick a chapter. Paint a chapter. In one evening. So I set the target of putting the brush down at two hours.

I'd never painted a Howling Griffon, and always liked the quartered scheme but was never brave enough to try it. Until now!

To keep colour interest, I've tried shading red with blue, and yellow with purple. I didn't want a vibrant yellow, more a beaten, war-torn yellow.

Monday 13 July 2020

Hello, brave new world

Hello, old friend.

Glad I paused when I did at the end of 2019, as this year has been a rough, tough one and not given me much breathing space.

A dumpster fire of a calendar year, frankly, sucking the oxygen of happiness out my lungs. But all being well, that's behind me now.

But now, yeah, I'm thinkin' I'm back.