Saturday 28 April 2018

Morticians: Display Base

Finally finished my Guild Ball Morticians team board. Loved painting these over the last two years, but also glad to finish :)

I'll post a couple of the older, WIP shots later this weekend but it started life as a Bendy Boards tray, added magnetised matting to the board and washers under each figure ...

... how strong is the magnetic connection, you ask? Flick to the last picture.

All the stonework is plaster I added after assembling, then Vallejo textured basing, some flowers, a little scenery and that's it!

Monday 23 April 2018

Commissar Yarrick

This wasn't on the original list for this year, but I picked the model up as part of the birthday celebrations and challenges at my local GW store. Time ran away from me in the end, so it's a little rougher than I'd like on the jacket, but everything else is servicable.

Monday 2 April 2018

Die Verdammten

Zombie. Nazis.

Second only to Illinois Nazis on my favourite kind of Nazi. That's all the acceptable Nazi types though. It's a short list.

So anyway, these are quick and dirty. About three hours to finish all 20, which gives you an idea of how many corners were cut and shortcuts taken. I needed a shambling hoard for a small diorama idea that's forming in my head, and these were perfect.

I picked them up at Salute a couple of years ago. It was probably the fact they were so nicely boxed as an old war film/B-movie in a VHS box. Dr Faust's YouTube channel covers the good and the bad pretty well ( but in short ... at first glance it looks like there are loads of different sculpts in the box - in fact there are two.

They do provide lots of arms and a couple of spare heads, so with a bit of cutting and snipping it was possible to achieve a decent variety of poses. After that it was a case of throwing colour on, adding depth to the colour with brown and green inks, then a spot of drybrushing and more inks. Add unhealthy skintones, matt varnish and a few different shades of blood and it's all done!

Now to work out the rest of the diorama ...

Sunday 1 April 2018

Grey Horde: March 2018

So where are we at the end of March? About here.

Bought: 7
Sold: 0
Painted: 19 Space Marines, Anonymous 2.0, Handsome Jack, 2x Morticians
Total: -14

My original plans were rerailed a little by attending Banshee's painting class at the beginning of March and getting the bug for painting busts. So a number of busts have been ordered! In mitigation, I've completed two busts and all my Primaris Space Marines, so that was nice - as they've been sitting around for a while.

This is despite one of the busiest months of my career, and a degree of long-distance travel ... so all in all, a positive month!

Work underway on two busts, Sergent Corwinn from Wonderlands and Tesla from Infamy.

Corwinn's face feels like it's close to finished, and Tesla is starting to come together.