Monday 2 April 2018

Die Verdammten

Zombie. Nazis.

Second only to Illinois Nazis on my favourite kind of Nazi. That's all the acceptable Nazi types though. It's a short list.

So anyway, these are quick and dirty. About three hours to finish all 20, which gives you an idea of how many corners were cut and shortcuts taken. I needed a shambling hoard for a small diorama idea that's forming in my head, and these were perfect.

I picked them up at Salute a couple of years ago. It was probably the fact they were so nicely boxed as an old war film/B-movie in a VHS box. Dr Faust's YouTube channel covers the good and the bad pretty well ( but in short ... at first glance it looks like there are loads of different sculpts in the box - in fact there are two.

They do provide lots of arms and a couple of spare heads, so with a bit of cutting and snipping it was possible to achieve a decent variety of poses. After that it was a case of throwing colour on, adding depth to the colour with brown and green inks, then a spot of drybrushing and more inks. Add unhealthy skintones, matt varnish and a few different shades of blood and it's all done!

Now to work out the rest of the diorama ...