Friday 9 March 2018

Handsome Jack

I went on a painting workshop last weekend with the talented Alfonso "Banshee" Giraldes to learn colour theory, bravery and to paint better and quicker. It was a wonderful weekend where I learned so much, from both Banshee and the other attendees. At some point I'll post the figure I painted but that's for the future.

However, during the workshop, Banshee said "imagine how far you can go in five hours". So I imagined.

Here's my attempt to do Handsome Jack justice in that time frame. It's not perfect, and a lot of rework was done, but think my painting is going in a good direction and enjoying harnessing the newfound enthusiasm.

The figure is from the excellent Mr Lee ( and I picked it up at Salute last year and left it languishing in a drawer, but the workshop really fired me up to try painting more busts. My total to-date was one before last weekend and I'm now at three, it's all very exciting.