Saturday 3 March 2018

Grey Horde: February 2018

Bought: 0
Sold: 14 Dark Eldar Kabalites
Painted: 10 Word Bearers, 6 Vending Machines, 1 Sportscaster, 1 Space Wolf, 3 Norsemen
Total: -35

That's right. A big, fat zero at the top for things I bought!

Not as productive as I wanted, but still a decent month. A little more cleared from the Cupboard of Doom, and a few more projects progressed well. Selling off another unit of 40k 3rd edition "why on earth did I buy this?" was good, but ... finally wrapping up projects? A warm glow of happiness. That's my Norsemen, my Sportscasters and a terrain project all finished up.