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Sector Imperialis: Manufactorum

Loved painting this probably most of all the buildings. Packed with ridiculous, fiddly details to fixate on and fuss over almost indefinitely. I opted to keep this building quite clean and free of Martian dust as I felt there'd inevitably be a Mechanicum invention that prevented the climate conditions impacting it.

Painting the hazard stripes was contagious. It started with the blast windows, then moved to the fans and threshold of the door too. So many buttons, vents, pipes, cables, fans and corners to fur up with rust and mold.

What a blast this was. But they swapped out the million skulls for two million rivets instead. It does take a toll on your sanity after a while!


  1. Awesome work! Don't know how you can pick out all the details on these. Normally I just do a drybrush and leave it there.

    1. Thanks! I've heard that from a few people, but have enjoyed going that little bit further - hopefully they'll look worth the effort when on the table together.


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