Sunday 26 August 2018

Church Tank: WIP #2

So things have moved on a little. There's now a top and a front, but look below to see there's even an inside too!

My mad little preacher, for it is he who will inhabit this monstrosity, would live in the tower and preach from the pulpit at the front. I'd like to think this tank has seen a lot of action in its life, and so the tower is heavily damaged from battle.

You'll notice the front pillars are ruined, to reflect incoming damage I'd expect a vehicle like this to take. Plasticard has replaced the

Yes, the cannon isn't fitted into the hole yet. Haven't worked out to do with it yet!

My traditional problem is remembering to add detail. So there's an inside to this tank. I picture it being servitor heavy, as they work the engines and cannon while the mad preacher exhorts the enemy to repent.

To carry on the theme of the damaged tower, I've used a broken panel for the floor as though a projectile had crashed right through the tank.

The pulpit is the more ornate terrain from the Kill Team box, but wrapped around the more practical box constructed from older, Imperial Sector flooring. I like the image of the Adeptus Mechanicus building something, only for the Ecclesiarchy to take it away and put gaudy, gothic detail on it.

Couple of small details added onto the pulpit. One corner is full of melting candles, and the other is a religious book that I'd imagine the preacher will be screaming reading from.

At this point I haven't committed to gluing tank to tower. There may well be magnets. Ideally I'd retain access to the insides, but we'll see how that goes!