Friday 24 August 2018

Church Tank: WIP #1

This is a little bit of playing catch-up, as these shots have already made it to Instagram - but were lacking a detailed description.

I picked up the Kill Team starter box last weekend as I thought the scenery was suitably gothic for this project. The sheer amount of scenery you get in the box made it a real steal for the price point. The extended length of the pieces compared to the older Imperial Sector kits gives everything a grander feel. Coupled with an old, original Baneblade that was gathering dust in a cupboard ... we have the start of the project.

Constituent components being clipped out and lined up to gauge what we want to do. You'll note some of the older Imperial Sector pieces here, as I have a second box of these still to build at some point - so was looking to incorporate some of the more military themed items.

I want a grand front to this tank, so we start with the largest arch, then add panels behind it to reinforce the church theme. By the end, they'll all be stained glass ... hopefully!

Dark chocolate digestives are essential on larger build projects. But it was a reminder that I do need to start running again, because they're giving me a winter coat ...

So at this point we have the main structure. It's literally the chassis of the Baneblade, as the turret and front plates over the tracks meant it felt too tanky and not churchy enough (technical term). It still feels like a box on top of a tank though, but we're heading in the right direction.