Thursday 10 March 2016

Guild Ball Fishermen: Angel

Quicker than expected, but I managed to finish up Angel from the Fishermen ... and now my eyes hurt.

I've been putting this one off a while now because the detail was so tiny yet overwhelming but, armed with my new magnifying lens and a burst of Monday night enthusiasm, it's now finished up and I'm pretty happy. Also ... man this was nice to do after nothing but tabletop quality hordes over the last month!

Good quality skin tones still elude me, but the face is definitely a face - complete with eyes (fifth attempt). Metals turned out alright, and a little variety in leathers even if they're not so noticable on the hasty photographs. Hair was an experiment which came out reasonably well, but I had X-Men comics' Jean Grey in mind and when I looked her up it's nothing like her! So which comic book hero am I thinking of?

And a reminder of how flippin' small this lady is ...

... which is probably a personal best on the size scale. But honestly, trying to visually refocus on anything is a hardship now. Only Shark left to do from the Fishermen to have a full team painted and then I can consider the next small project - but it's in danger of becoming a chore at this point, so need to push through and get him done quickly.