Sunday 12 December 2021


 As part of the Kickstarter, they threw in a number of smaller miniatures under the heading of "Familiars". But I liked the idea of them being more akin to scavengers in my little colony. While Ambulatory Fungoid and Horned Urz Cub are big enough to merit a base on their own, the others didn't and I wanted to create a little diorama for them.

So here's the Owl Shrews, Squippet, Homungulid, Testudo Bird and Feathered Hopper in a single scene. Should have taken more WIP shots, but there are a couple at the bottom of this post. It's an old resin barrel, a backpack of papers then I printed a load of fake posters, rolled them up and bundled them in a disorganised fashion.

Some of the WIP shots and a sense of scale for the bear against a Primaris Space Marine.