Wednesday 29 December 2021

Eldar Guardian

 I have quite an ambitious project planned for 2022. This is the first test model to see how that goes. It isn't based, as it's going to a friend to join his army, but overall I'm happy with the colours as a first draft.

Things that will change. More oomph in the red required. Gems need more contrast so I'll be pushing the darker edges to really drive that home. Undecided on how to paint the weaponry, as I'd like to go metallics because there's so many weapons, and it will be quicker, but there's always the lure of NMM.

Very happy with the purples and blues in the shadow of the white. It gives me a nice colour and I want to do more of that. The boots had a recolour, as the original brown was much too red and conflicted with the armour, so swapping to something with blue is a better fit.

 More WIP shots this time.