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Space Wolves: Primaris Inceptor

I misplaced October. How careless of me.

A couple of weeks away and an unexpected bout of conjunctivitis ruled out most of my October painting. Turns out if you can't focus on the figure in front of you, painting is basically impossible. Happily that's in the past and we can move back to a focus on painting.

Let's start November correctly instead, shall we? Here's my completed Primaris Inceptor Sergeant to get things moving.

Fun things on this model include the OSL effect on the jump engines and weathering. So much weathering. Not-so-fun things are the massive guns, I really struggled with these and couldn't quite make sense of them and remain unsatisfied with what I achieved. My base red isn't right for trying to highlight into yellows, then I did a poor job executing it, so it will be reviewed for the next one.

I realised after finishing it up that this isn't meant to be the Sergeant model, as those have a slightly different armour shape in front of the face - but there you have it. This shall be different, because it can.

The rest of the squad are on the table and getting close to completion. That should keep me busy over the next week.


  1. Nice job shading the grey plates with brown. Makes him look very authentic. Looking forward to seeing the whole squad!

  2. Nice work on the start of the unit. It's nice to see a bit of weathering on normally pristine Marines, though the Chaplain will be giving him hell for not keeping his armour clean and shiny!

  3. Cheers folks. Very much aiming for these Primaris have been thrown straight in at the deep end. I think the Wolves are one of the few chapters where they'd be more interested in getting in there without the concern about looking pretty.


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