Thursday 22 June 2017

Warhammer 40k: Sector Imperialis bases

Prepping for the new, and rather excellent looking Primaris Space Marines, I've started building out a new basing scheme and finished the first set of 58x 32mm bases! Phew.

If you're interested in repeating the scheme:

  • Basecoated with Gunmetal Metal, Brassy Brass, Beasty Brown and Martian Earth on the four main areas
  • Metals shaded with Army Painter Dark Wash
  • Brassy Brass then corroded with Nihilakh Oxide
  • Drybrushing Orange Fire over Martian Earth, and Plague Brown over Beasty Brown
  • Higlights picked out with Chainmail Silver over Gunmetal Metal and Bright Bronze over Brassy Brass
If you were wondering where the missing two bases from the set of 60 have gone, they were prototypes for refining the scheme and you can find them on my Inquisitor and Daemonhunter.

Just another 20x 40mm, 40x 25mm and a few 50mm and 60mm bases and ... well, anyway ... there's few to do before it's all done. Why so many? I'm keen to get them finished up while the scheme's familiar to me - and frankly it's too warm to do detailed work on individual figures.