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Space Wolves: Fenrisian Wolves pt.1

Another day, another wolf - and this is the first from my test batch of new bases for my Space Wolves in 8th edition.

Seeing the greys against the base is a big moment. I'm delighted that the colour choices have worked out here! Especially as I'm now 62 bases into the project and hadn't done a test run. With hindsight, trying a single base and a model first would probably have been the smarter idea ... right?


  1. Looks great dude, the contrast between the greys and the reds is ace :)

  2. Thanks! I'm glad it worked out or there'd be tears by now, which isn't pretty on a grown man :)

  3. Very nice, I really like the grey scheme you have gone for.

  4. Cheers Michael. The other wolves will be a variety of colours, but this is my test to ensure the armour for the Marines works. Prepare for a pack of brown wolves in the next couple of weeks!


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