Monday 20 February 2017

Procrastination and Q&A

For the first time this year, I don't have an update ready to go on a Monday, as real life painting of ceilings* has dominated my life in the last week.

Happily, there's still something to share as the excellent St Anderw's wargaming blog has a short Q&A with me as part of their Better Know A Blogger series, and you can read my contribution over here.

Read the older submissions as you'll find a few blogs from his previous Q&As that will definitely be to your taste. Worth mentioning his own blog is also pretty good for hobby progress and fantastic for 40k new unit breakdowns. It's a regular read for me since discovering it.

In addition, here's a WIP of an oldschool favourite that I picked up in the recent GW made-to-order offering - the wonderful Inquisitor in Terminator Armour.

I've been painting this during the occasional lunchbreak in my local GW for their next miniature challenge. Close-ups from my phone always make it look a little harsher than it is in person, but it'll come good before the end - promise!

* I was using something a little larger than a size 2 on this occasion.