Monday 6 February 2017

Colossus Elemental

Now my Colony 87 project is done and dusted, it's time to hit the next projects in the WIP pile from Salute 2016, starting with this beauty - Heresy's Colossus Elemental.

I looked at the official paint job on the Heresy website for this guy, and felt it was a little too monotone and wanted to do something different to play with the elemental side of the figure more than the stone/rock aspect. This was an exercise in OSL and playing with colours I wouldn't normally use on a figure together.

He's painted up to feel like he's grown from a crystalline formation on the ground, and powered by something in the chest. All the blues, greys and purples were airbrushed to try and achieve a smoother gradient then highlights added by brush.

The scenery is a bit of a cheat as it's an old piece I found in my bitz box and wanted to use up and happily it illustrates the scale of the model towering above. Few tufts of different grasses on there, and we're done!

Very happy it's a resin figure, because this would be far too heavy as a metal model to handle comfortably. This was a timely reminder that Andy at Heresy cranks out such a wide variety of great figures. More power to him.