Friday 6 January 2017

Colony 87: Chamber Secretary Felix Saponya

Another quick one done - it's a sculpt I wasn't too keen on but need to finish up as part of the Colony 87 set. Wasn't timing myself on this, so can't say it met the 90 minute criteria but it was an evening's single session.

Glad this one's out the way, it's my least favourite of the six main figures in the set. A shame, as the robes, and cloth work are lovely. His staff is a strange one, and I've gone with wood grain for the main staff and then tarnished golds for the end. Again, the warm green makes an appearance to tie him to the main group.

Again, the fur irks me, but the hands also - so I've opted to make his fingers feel long and spindly. This chap felt somewhere between an evil vizier and a man of the cloth, so he got a lighter, more lavender variant of the blues that appear elsewhere in the set. I imagine him with an unpleasant nasal quality to his voice, stroking that wispy beard of his and offering Wormtongue-esque words in the ear of Lord Greiss.