Sunday 29 January 2017

Colony 87: The Animals

As I close in on completing the Colony 87 figures, here's a little quickly painted bonus - the animals! Say hello to Chameleiod, Vermilepus and Karakulak. They were given as a freebie for people who backed the first Colony 87 Kickstarter, but I think you could also buy them separately. Initially they didn't fire my enthusiasm, but once basecoated they really came to life.

Karakulak has been painted in similar markings to Bubastis from Watchmen. Vermilepus reminded me of an oboe-playing character from one of the bands that appear in Star Wars. Chameleiod was painted to look like it's shifting from rich blues and purples to match the more muted, orange tones of the landscape everything else is based on.

While they are finished, they aren't based yet, because I want to use them as pets on larger bases to accompany other figures. So watch out, as they'll make an appearance in-situ when other figures join my civilians project.