Monday 24 August 2015

Colony 87: WIP #3

And lo, risen from the flu-ridden grave I found myself in last week - I finally finished up the Lord & Lady Greiss.

Lord's sash ended up cream, and it works very nicely across the middle against the barrage of colours elsewhere. Sits well with the quieter martial uniform, and against the gaudy jewellery and ostentatious robes he's given himself. I wanted the Lady and her child to look a little otherworldly so they got a touch of the Fremen which unintentionally ties nicely to the robes.

Next on the painting table? Finishing up the last two of the Colony 87 set with Barcoon Krobosh and Wandering Alexi have a little early painting action.

Let's take a moment to talk about poor Alexei. Having made the journey from manufacturer to me without his very fragile staff breaking, he suffered an accident during the pinning process and is now missing the top half of the staff. Oh the shame. Then I realised it actually fits quite nicely with almost all the other characters having a stick of comparable length - so haven't (yet) made an attempt to stick it back on.

Wasn't sure I'd get anything finished this month, so to get two figures wrapped to my satisfaction was very pleasing. Here's hoping September sees an upturn in output - but even at this stage I think it's now my most productive painting year ever and that's down to the One Mini A Month challenge spurring me on. Hooray!