Sunday 9 August 2015

Colony 87: WIP #2

In the words of Granny Weatherwax ... I ATEN'T DED.

Being back in work after a little time off on paternity leave has been a killer of the brain and free time, but nearly back to normality - or thereabouts. I've started to try and improve blending and layering on figures and another of the Colony 87 figures was just perfect to work on - Lord Greiss' cloak.

Now I have a problem! He's wearing a sash and I'm stuck on what colour to paint it. Happy with my other colour choices - military grey outfit and ostentatious green and gold cloak but what colour should the sash be? While quite a minor item, it's noticable because it's right in the middle of the figure.

I had planned to make the jewel settings gold and the jewels red, and wasn't sure if the sash should use one of the existing colours (green or red?) or be another colour. I'll be trying out a cream and see how that goes - think it will fit well against the cooler greys and reds of the gems.

A little more progress made since these original shots, Lord's cloak, gems and metalwork are finished up and his consort, the mysterious Lady Greiss has a cloak in her Lord's colours and a fur collar.

These have been unusual figures for me to-date as I've painted individual elements to completion, rather than my usual plan of all the basecoats and then back to the shading & highlights. Apart from a solitary, accidental touch of gold from the belt buckle onto the jacket piping on the Lord, I've been considerably neater than normal which was surprising! Maybe there's something in this approach after all ... it does feel like I have to concentrate a little more and yields a better result.

As the brain's not up to too much complex painting at the moment, my background job this week was to start painting up the other bases in this set, along with all the resin inserts and balls for Guild Ball ...

Anyone telling you that I don't know how to live a rock'n'roll lifestyle is clearly fibbing.