Saturday 11 April 2015

Warhammer 40k: Gretchin

Gretchin done. Family group shot for posterity, just missing the final matte varnish to seal in the red pigment. Haven't quite worked out how to get the right focus on such a broad spread of figures, but hopefully it conveys everything.

Rummaging through old boxes, I found a couple of old painted Runt Herders so rebased them and added to the group. Happy that my painting has moved on in the last 12 years from what was my best possible painting at the time to a little below my tabletop standard now. Yay for visible progress :D

Loving pigments to finish off bases, but learned that you should leave it until the very last minute to apply - because that stuff goes everywhere. On a personal note, it was pretty cool to work my way through a 20 man unit in under six months. My previous Orks and Space Wolves have taken significantly longer as I got caught up trying to make them perfect - which negates the purpose of big units. They need to be painted and on the table, and not to Golden Demon or Crystal Brush standard - which I can't paint to anyway :) Sometimes "that'll do" is just fine with a paintjob.

Next project is a couple of Abominations for a friend's Zombicide game ...