Monday 25 October 2021

Marshal Klint and K9

This was a nice pair of sculpts, with the marshal being somewhere between Cloud Strife and Clint Eastwood. It's also the second dog I've painted this month, after a number of years not painting them. Funny how synchronicity occurs, isn't it.

It's not painted in my normal style (hey, I have a style!) as I wanted to try something more traditional for these. So hello to actual metallics instead of NMM.

 The bases are unfinished as the models will be transferred to display bases for a larger project, so these are simply to hold them in place until that happens.

 Look at that adorable, tiny face. I even painted a couple of teeth in just to break up the space.

 The eye's a little oversized, but at distance looks okay. Both characters used the same pupil colour because I thought that was more interesting than a dark colour on the dog.