Saturday 7 November 2020


And so the first unit of the army is done. The Gretchin, accompanied by their runtherds.

 There was quite a few duplicate models in this set, so I opted to add scenery to force the variety. Still yellow, so it fits thematically across the force. Albeit a slightly different yellow - more akin to an Imperial Fists colour. 

Completing these quickly is key to finishing the army in time. I can't afford to be overly fussy with the finish, so cheated in a few areas. For example, there's a small mould line that runs down the forehead of almost every model. To sand that out properly would take quite some time, so it's hidden under a line of warpaint, which also gives the unit a little more identity, as they don't have armour like the Orks.

The 20 Gretchin and two runtherds took about 14 hours in total.

As a bonus, the excellent @ArtistsEmpire on Twitter did an unasked for paintover of one group. It's fantastic, and really adds narrative and drama to the scene. Do check out his work, because he does great things.