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Hrm ...

Hi folks,

I think 2019 was the year when my interest in updating my blog reached a low point.

It won't be closed, but it won't be updated in the foreseeable future. A combination of real life getting in the way, and not feeling the same pleasure in writing long-format updates as in previous years. Painting is very much my stress relief, and my mental pressure valve - and the blog's felt like a chore rather than a pleasure to update. So time to put it on hiatus.

As for me, I'm still painting, and still active. You can find my work on Twitter ( or Instgram (, if you'd like to keep an eye on what I'm working on.

Take care of yourselves.



  1. Shame to see you go, I don’t do social media, I find a lack of depth or interaction in insta/Twitter more push push ‘look what I’ve done’ and less how and why and what colours or methods, but that’s a societal trend. Regardless of how you Hobby mate, may 2020 be overflowing of hobby goodness for you!

    1. Thanks, Siph. This hiatus doesn't preclude me reading the work of others, so I still plan to be a regular reader of your work.

      Life simply took some of the fun out of the blogging process, so taking time away now rather than growing to dislike it, felt the correct thing to do.

      All the best for 2020, and look forward to seeing what you're working on!


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