Sunday 12 May 2019

Engine Shed POLA-600 HO/00

And now for something completely different.

 My dad set up his model railway board recently, for the first time since I was a child. I offered to paint something for him to add a little character to the board. He gave me an old train shed and asked if I could paint that.

This didn't take long. It isn't my finest work. But it was nice to be able to help out my dad.

I kept the roof reasonably boring, but had fun with the metals and verdigris. Is it even verdigris on iron? Probably not, but it needed the colour contrast, rather than browns of rust merging in with the body of the model.

I'm not sure why you would put your coal, spare wheels and a ladder all next to each other - but as there's literally no other place to put them ... there they go.

Adding funky colours for mold is fun. Blues and greens leaking through the brickwork helps to break up the larger surfaces.

The windows were a stinking mess, with the clear plastic being scratched something awful. To counter this, I added lots of weathering to make it look like they were dirty - achieved with lots of weathering powder and isopropyl alcohol. Then I took a cue tip with water on it to create dirty swirls to look like they were badly cleaned.

How old is this kit? Old enough that it was manufactured in West Germany and on my dad's gaming board in the mid-eighties. This post also has the worst tags possible.

Plot twist.

It turns out this was originally my kit, and I started assembling it before growing bored of the hobby. Which means at 35 years between build and paint, it's accidentally my longest ever hobby project.

Your move, fellow procrastinators.