Saturday 12 May 2018

Sergent Corwinn

I've made a conscious decision this year to focus on tabletop quality at 28mm scale, and try to push my skills for larger pieces. Bigger surfaces to learn on, more opportunity to play with colour. This is the first serious effort I've made for something approaching competition level.

What a blast this was to paint. I picked it up ... two or three years ago at Salute, at a guess?  Florian at Wonderlands was running a promotion for pre-orders, so I picked up a whole stack of his awesome figures. The large surfaces were intimidating me and so was the face sculpt. So it went in a drawer. But this year I won't let the sculpts get the better of me.

I want him to feel beaten, tired and utterly anonymous, so there's no markings on the armour. Nothing to distinguish him from a million other soldiers in identical suits.

After starting the face a good month ago, going this way and that, I reached a point of satisfaction (oo-er) and then it was time to hit the armour ...

Base colours airbrushed on, then of playing around with working out shapes and damage. This is a seriously worn suit of armour. The rust and pitting is everywhere.

Haven't got the volumes quite right, but I'm taking those as a learning for the future, not something to keep picking at on this. Colours pleased me, and I tried to keep armour a little cooler - but organic parts (face + rust) a little warmer.

I was happy to get a temperature change on the right hand side of his face, as that's a little toward the shadow and should be a little cooler and reflecting a little of the metallic armour, than the left side of the face tilted upwards.

Super happy with this. We will all see hundreds of other better painted miniatures this week, but this one is mine and I'm very pleased with the results.