Friday 23 February 2018

TTCombat: Vending Machines

Back after a short break from online activity to recharge batteries and focus on real world bits and bobs.

These were a lot of fun! Slightly fiddly MDF kits to build, but once assembled they're great.

I pondered how to approach the front panels, as my ability to paint super fine detail is lacking, and opted to go for transfers. The aim was to capture that slightly frantic feel of vending machines in sci-fi settings like Blade Runner, Fifth Element or anything that ends up set against a Neo Tokyo backdrop. Where language doesn't matter, it's driven by iconography - so there's representation from Ork, Necron and Eldar in here.

A note for the purists. These won't see a lot of use in 40k, so using a mix of different faction decals didn't bother me. Long-term they're going into another sci-fi project, where my heinous mix matching of symbols won't break canon!

I went nuts on the weathering, so there are lots of chips, dents, rust and generally a feeling of well past their prime. You probably wouldn't rush to spend your money in these machines, or would eat anything dispensed by them with a healthy dose of caution.

Highly recommend this kit if you're looking for non-combat terrain pieces.