Sunday 9 July 2017

Space Wolves: Primaris emerge

I'm jumping back into 40k with 8th edition. Hello to you Mr Bandwagon.

My gaming pretty much stopperd when 6th edition landed due to a family emerging and everything else taking priority. In the interim I've gotten big grown-up jobs and felt it was justifiable to treat myself and went all in ... so that meant a collector's edition, all five indexes and the Dark Imperium starter set.

Would I recommend the collector's edition for the price tag? Hmm, not sure - it's very expensive for what you get, and in an ideal world it would have been around the £150 mark ... but that's what tax rebates are for! However, quality is excellent and I'm a happy chap.

Building of the Marines has now commenced. I'm trying to built them as sub assemblies with the least effort possible - which is pretty straight forward so far. Mostly involving not gluing on the gun arm for the majority of figures. Assault marines glues at weird angles temporarily, because I want to do something with them that doesn't involve the transparent plastic rods.

What do I want to do with them, you ask? I haven't a flippin' clue at the moment, but can't abide their default pose which looks like they're in a local amateur theatre production with wire-flying. Next up is the painful process of mould line removal ...