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The Wicken King

Another model from my Salute 2016 pile that demanded attention. Broken Toad's lovely Wicken King bust.

This is the first bust I've ever painted, so there's been a struggle trying to understand how to play with shadows on something of this size. When it's a 28mm figure, my brain goes "yep, that's fine, more shadow!" but on a larger piece there are natural shadows too - and that needs more thinking.

I wanted it to look like he's wearing some sort of horrific skin mask over his actual face. Lot of things I'm happy with, including the mix of textures and colours but still room for improvement especially in understanding the concept of volume.


  1. Great work! Painting something on that scale must be daunting.

  2. Thanks :) It's certainly a step-up and hard to gauge how far to push shadows and contrast. After seeing some of the amazing work from Crystal Brush the other week, the answer is "push it further", so future work on this scale will be more of a challenge!


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