Sunday 25 September 2016

Chaos Space Marines: Death Guard Rhino

Finished up the Death Guard Rhino ahead of schedule.

It's not the greatest, but it has been a very helpful test piece to move me in the right direction for my colour scheme, playing with some weathering techniques and generally establishing how I want to paint my vehicles. It may have some dust applied to the tracks and bottom, but currently there's no basing theme for them - which I plan to work out with the infantry units.

Quick shot of the interior to show off all the panels adding visual interest. Funny how only a little paint on the inside can add that much more to the interior.

This panel is actually designed for the inside of the Rhino, but obviously that's almost impossible to photograph in-situ. I was playing around with trying to get a feeling of the daemon straining. It was initially glued on as a quick placeholder simply to help the two hatch panels stay in position while I fiddled with it during priming, but I liked it so much it stayed there. The face is glossed to give a wet feel.

My kids assessed this paintjob and I received two comments back: eldest said "amazing!", second one said "wow smells like sausages". No. Me neither.