Saturday 4 July 2015

Guild Ball Fishermen: WIP #2

A month has passed, and work has been all consuming. But happily progress has happened.

Having examined the team, the trickiest part present on all the figures is the rope; it's wrapped around roles, hanging out of clothes and generally used well to establish the nautical theme across all the models. It's also proper fiddly (technical term).

Kraken underway. Part of me is now regretting not upgrading to resin figures for the weight reduction alone, as this fellow is a serious chunk of metal. Primer had a 'mare in places (by "primer" I mean "me") but painting the basecoat of Bronzed Flesh seemed to level that out just fine. He does have an arm, but it will remain detached for a while longer.

Salt finished. Can't quite get a shot with the little fellow in full focus. Khaki base, some wet blending of White on his adorable little tummy, more Khaki and a thin brush to pull out some individual hairs. I didn't go with the white and grey dapple that the character card offered, and painted without bothering to look at a picture of a real otter, but it's a reasonable match - apart from the nose being a little too red rather than brown. His collar is in team colours, so at least something was right!

Ball finished. I'm oddly proud of this, as normally my attention span goes to pot for detail of this nature, but it turned out alright. Based with Beasty Brown, panels painted in Khaki then lots of thin Parasite Brown washes on the panels. And yes, I have chickened out in painting white lines to this point - but I'm waiting for my official game mats to arrive and gauge the line thickness before adding.