Monday 2 February 2015

Space Hulk: Objective Marker

Well that escalated quickly. Space Hulk objective marker finished already.

The base is simply a placeholder to put the figure on for a photograph. In-game it won't have a base - or I may use one an industrial bases from the CMON Kickstarter ... whenever they arrive.

Usually I wouldn't bother with a rear shot, but the back of the chair is so wonderfully detailed.

Camera shots magnify all your flaws in the most wonderful way. Obviously I'd swear the red/orange layering was flawless IRL, but patently that's not the case ;)

Still playing with metallics, but feel like I have a little more control of them - although the verdigris did get a little out of hand, but no matter! All the wiring on the termie is dull greys/blacks as the reds and purples were already quite a barrage of colour.

Think I've missed this as a hobby, it has proven exceptionally relaxing over the last two weeks.