Sunday 4 February 2018

Word Bearers: The Test Squad

Since abandoning my Death Guard last year, I've had an interest in starting a Word Bearers force, but this sat on hold while other projects came to the fore.

Plans were accelerated in January by a friend generously donating a whole box of "a few" Space Marines he'd bought as a job lot on eBay and realised would never paint or play. My oldest daughter quickly claimed them for herself, which suited me, and several conversations later she's bought in to the idea of playing the bad guys, in the form of Word Bearers. How fortunate.

Opening the box, I realised my friend's idea of "few" and mine are quite a way from each other. There were about 1500 points of models in the box! Mostly tactical marines, but 15 Terminators, 10 scouts, light vehicles and a couple of dreadnoughts. Here's what the horde looks like when primed up in full.

We had a discussion around what colour to paint the Word Bearers, as the official GW colour scheme is a little too bright for my personal taste and, selfishly, I know these will probably end up back with me in a year or two when she grows bored, so I'd like them in colours that please me.

Over the top of the black, I painted Scarlett Red then highlights sprayed from directly above with Bloody Red, then Bloody Red + Hot Orange. Three hours later we have the semblance of a painted force already!

Man I love my airbrush. Moving this quickly simply isn't possible otherwise.

After that, it's a case of trial and error to establish quick colour schemes. Chainmail Silver on metals. Dark Grey Blue on tubing, English Uniform on pouches, skulls and aquilas, and Goblin Green on lenses and jewels. Let it all dry, smother in Nuln Oil, tidy up a few points and then we're done! Here's how they look when finished up ...

So it's very basic in painting terms, but it's neat, tidy and satisfying to finish a ten-man squad in a single evening. They won't all be at this standard because my daughter will be painting the rest, but it's fun to set a benchmark for her to aim for.

Purists will note there's a myriad of lore issues here. Why are they all in modern armour sets but still wearing Aquilas, purity symbols and other Imperial non-heresy elements? Because my daughter doesn't give two hoots about staying true to canon, she wants things that she loves looking at - and I'm totally fine with that. Also, anyone wearing a helmet and you can't see their face? It's a girl in there. Why? Because my daughter wants girls kicking the butts of my boy Space Wolves. Because girls are better than boys.

Update: Did I accidentally participate in, and complete the #squaduary challenge? I think I did.