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I love sculpts by Romain Van den Bogaert . There's something very right about them, and he manages to pack in so many tiny details to appreciate when painting. I probably wouldn't identify them in a line-up, but I've been surprised how many just "appear" in my collection. This sculpt is, I assume, based on the crazy, wonderful French comic called The Metabarons, written by the quite possibly brilliant or insane (delete as applicable) Alejandro Jodorowsky . I have not remained faithful to the colours of the comic. Instead, I imagined this was a sci-fi wayfarer, passing through on a long journey. One of a million NPCs you've walked past in games, seen for a half second in movies, or imagined in your head when reading fiction. There are roughly painted symbols on the head, indicating some sort of mentat or indentured man, but honestly, I don't feel they're very good - so no photo. With hindsight, they wouldn't be here any more - but I wan

Armored Containers pt.2

A good 18 months have passed since I painted a few of these , but with the Conquest models coming thick and fast, I needed to start clearing space on the WIP desk, so here we are. To everyone's surprise, including mine, they're clean with not a speck of rust or weathering on them! I didn't start out with that plan, but when it came to weathering time ... I couldn't bring myself to do it. The idea of clean pieces on the board, for once, was too appealing. Recipe is simple enough and should go well for Imperial Fists. They're primed black, basecoated with Scrofulous Brown, then adding more and more Sun Yellow until that's the final highlight then for edging, Ice Yellow. I opted for silver and not copper/brass to keep the contrast high, and blue for the lights to fit with the last set of armoured containers.