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2017 Goals - End of Year Review

Well that year drifted by quickly, didn't it? The progress in the last six months from the original list written up at the beginning of 2017 hasn't been a pretty read for progress I'm afraid. But let's look at progress across the year. The Bad Infamy [3] - No progress. Guild Ball Fishermen [5] - No progress. Whoops. These just dropped down the list when new projects present themselves. I'd sorely love to wrap up the Guild Ball figures just to tick another one off the list. The Inbetween Hasslefree Miniatures [12] - Completed 4. Heresy Miniatures [1] - Completed 2. Warhammer 40,000 Space Wolves [28] - Completed 9. Warhammer 40,000 Death Guard [16] - One test model done, but will pause this as I plan to swap to Word Bearers. Shadespire [4] - Started. Guild Ball Morticians [3] - Completed 1. Willy Miniatures [1] - Started the vampire, but not finished. Hit and miss here. Some forward steps made but then a few steps back. Space Wolves w

Warploque: Bayourk Witchdokta WIP

It's New Year's Eve, so here I am painting. Here's to a 2018 filled with whatever you want it to be. Back into the habit of posting my WIP work. For this figure, I'm trying to do Things That Are Different at the moment. You don't build muscles without stretching them. Painting is the same. This was my first attempt at trying to create an iridescent effect on skin. So on the right lines but not quite right. Okay, not everything can be a success first time but that's okay. Back to the drawing board, and I've started with a lighter blue, defined everything better and started into the first highlights. Shadows will see other colours added to achieve the effect better. Same for the final highlights too. Next up is reworking the leather. My original colour choice was far too light and adding shadow didn't help. He's old and weathered, so the coat should reflect that. Much happier with this, and reading David Soper's article on old

Shadespire: Ironskull's Boyz WIP #1

Picked up Shadespire a month after release when the positive reviews kept coming in. It really is a lightweight game and nice to have in the collection for when you want to play something for 40 minutes without too much thinking. Fresh from learning how to do NMM at Andy Wardle's weekend workshop ( ), I immediately decide I should be massively stupid and try to paint all four of the Orks with everything I've learned. Colour palette is the same as my test piece from the workshop. Here's a shot of one basecoated and one with the mid-tone applied. Same pairing again, but with the armour highlights starting to appear. Getting closer to the desired effect ... ... but I realised a little more glazing was needed before coming back to undercoat the skin areas. Skin basecoat goes on, and I was having a few wobbles about colour choices at this point - but we press on! Here's t

Workshop: NMM with Andy Wardle

December has been a manic month, personally and professionally, so it's nice to finally get a little downtime and update the blog. At the start of December I went on a NMM course in Cheltenham, hosted at Incom Gaming ( ) and run by the super talented Andy Wardle ( ), to learn more of the tricks for painting non-metallic metals. The big difference from painting fabrics and skintones is the sudden push up in contrast from dark to light for the purpose of fooling the eye into believe you're seeing metal. The venue was a small upstairs bar in a nightclub, repurposed for the daytime. Bar a couple of corners with strange cheese smells, it was a decent venue with loads of lighting. Funny to see how everyone basically has the same painting setup these days too. We spent the full Saturday working on the basics of colour application, choice and understanding shapes and contrast, then applying it to gold