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Little bonus model I picked up as part of a Kickstarter a couple of years ago. Based to fit with my sci-fi spaceport plan, and good fun to paint.   The sculpt is remarkably detailed, and I'm pleased I could get anything close to the original artwork. Best image I could find of the Somewhere In Time art this stemmed from.


Okay so it's meant to be a definitely not Death Guard model, but I wanted to paint him in shiny purple armour, without using metallics. Bringing that 80s retro feel to the colours. The sculpt is slightly frustrating, as there's lots of detail but just not quite as well executed as other sculptors. The face is hard to define nicely so I opted for giving the whole eye socket a greenish glow.


 Another addition to my Chaos Warband. I like the half-skeletal pirate with axes aesthetic he brings.

Painting Checks

20 minute how-to for painting check patterns. I've picked an old goblin from the Avatar of War range to demonstrate it works reasonably well on a very small area. Plus I really need to start painting this guy ... Prime the figure white. I want to do a black and white effect on the sword and hat, so I'm going to start with a nearly black basecoat - mine's black with a little brown and purple added. It may seem wrong, but it's easier to tidy up my messy painting at the end using black instead of lots of white over black. Stripes next. Using an off-white, I've painted these a little thicker for visibility than I would if pushing for a higher quality model. But hopefully you can see I've taken time to draw reasonably neat lines. This is also the point where you can check your paint consistency. You want less water in the mix than you may think. It needs to be controllable, without running away from you - but not so thick you see marks in the paint. Practice your

Detective Sayu

Cute character from Golem Miniatures that I picked up at Salute a few years ago. Wanted to play with lighting and the idea he's moving from an unlit area to somewhere better illuminated.    


A great sculpt from Banshee that I've had for a couple of years and wanted to paint, but wasn't sure how to approach until now.