Monday 24 January 2022

Taal Spellsinger

I do love a musician in a command group. This one was a lot of fun. Think at this point I've nailed the feel for the rank and file troops and they're starting to get a little faster.


Saturday 22 January 2022


The idea that Orks would construct an Eldar Guardian lookalike is just another reason to love that late 80s/early 90s fun element to the Warhammer universe. Such a daft idea, and a required part of any oldhammer army.

 They only made three models in this range - Eldar, Squat and Space Marine (

Friday 21 January 2022

Avele Swifteye

Taken a while to nail down a scheme I was happy with, but finally starting to finish some of the core models for the new Eldar army. So now we should be moving forward a little quicker.


Wednesday 5 January 2022


Another golden oldie from my box of "what the heck is this". When White Dwarf was revived as a monthly magazine, this was given away with the first issue - which was remarkably good value for a £6 magazine.

He's far from a perfect paintjob, and the shadows and reflections are not consistent at all, but I used him as a tester for some of the colours I want to apply to the Eldar force, and it's nice to have a few standalone projects to try these things.

No basing scheme yet, but I think he may get something similar to Chopper Bob from a few months ago, as it could be fun to have a Khorne warband with a bit of a theme.

Sunday 2 January 2022


 When I came back to painting in 2015, I picked up a few pirates from Black Scorpion. Thought the sculpts were nice, and wanted to paint something not related to Warhammer ... and who doesn't love pirates? Well, fast forward six(ish) years and I'm painting another set of pirates from Black Scorpion. Here's the first one finished up.

As a comparison, here's a now and 2016 shot. Now, 2016 me was fine, it's neat and tidy and colour in the correct place, and your view may vary but I like how my style has developed in the last five years.