Monday 21 October 2019


Phew. So much to cover.

Firstly, I think the mojo is returning. This was an enormous amount of fun to paint and really fired my brain to get the brushes going on a regular basis again. Firstly, I think we can agree it's a futuristic warrior with a viking feel, but obviously not a Space Wolf - as that would be an IP infringement.

This is also my first proper competition piece. I'm not talking about putting something in my local GW window to try and improve the number of entries, but an honest to goodness painting competition - Scale Model Challenge, or simply SMC as it's better known. I left it late to stop dawdling and pick a modelto paint, but the power of fear and a looming deadline appears to have inspired me to get my act together.

I picked up a highly commended in the Fantasy standard category for this piece.Which is more than I expected, and a cherry on top of a brilliant weekend at SMC.

I tried to use a little blue in most of the colour choices to convey the sense of cold. The only item that isn't done that way is the wolf pelt, which is a little warmer grey than other parts of the model.

The sculpt from Joaquin Palacio is just gorgeous. Honestly. Painting this was joyful.  The only frustration I had was the fragility of his extra-long braids and top knot. "Where?" you ask, well they're on my workbench because the top knot snapped off and I couldn't get the braids to fit well - so worked around their absence. Hopefully that isn't noticable.

There are lots of areas where I can improve and, from talking with other painters, I already know what to do better/differently on the next piece. So back to the workbench!