Saturday 30 October 2021


It's Orktober, so I remembered to get my annual contribution completed in time. I think we all know the inspiration for this sculpt, right?

 As I keep forgetting to share WIP shots, here's a few from the early stages of painting.

At this point I thought I'd really nailed the skin. But then you take a look at the picture and realise it's a stinking mess and requires so much more work to be presentable. Lazy, splodgy painting required significant tidying up.

Thursday 28 October 2021


A one hour test piece for Bloodborne before I think about opening the other 100 figures from the game. Firmly tabletop quality painting, but a surprisingly well detailed sculpt. Black ink was my friend to get recesses painted, and then a little matte varnish on the fabrics to dampen the shine down.

 Not a project I'll complete this year, as there's too many other things on the painting desk, but gives me hope I can blitz it reasonably quickly next year as the reds and metallics came together fast enough.


Monday 25 October 2021

Marshal Klint and K9

This was a nice pair of sculpts, with the marshal being somewhere between Cloud Strife and Clint Eastwood. It's also the second dog I've painted this month, after a number of years not painting them. Funny how synchronicity occurs, isn't it.

It's not painted in my normal style (hey, I have a style!) as I wanted to try something more traditional for these. So hello to actual metallics instead of NMM.

 The bases are unfinished as the models will be transferred to display bases for a larger project, so these are simply to hold them in place until that happens.

 Look at that adorable, tiny face. I even painted a couple of teeth in just to break up the space.

 The eye's a little oversized, but at distance looks okay. Both characters used the same pupil colour because I thought that was more interesting than a dark colour on the dog.

Friday 22 October 2021

Steelheart's Champions

Tricky project, this. I started with ambition to make super shiny gold NMM but my enthusiasm for the idea petered out by the time I'd finished the first couple of feet. Urgh. Motivation, right? But sometimes it's best to press on and just get the project done.

The result's fine. But it's ... fine. I was a little disappointed in myself I couldn't push on and do more, but a lesson for future projects. Finishing meant all three of my Shadespire warbands are now complete. That feels pretty good.

Wednesday 13 October 2021

Puglas Fairflanks Jr.

Meet trooper K9 from 298th Infantry Regiment aka "The Plucky Division".  Gifted a print of this cracking sculpt and tried to paint it best I could. Our hobby Discord created their own Imperial Guard regiment, and a friend bought and printed a few of these pugs for a group of us as a gift. 

Something very different to my usual model pick. I don't enjoy painting animals or Imperial Guard so tried to do it my way. It's not a perfect match to the unit's colour scheme - a little too much magenta in the shadow, and from looking at reference pictures a pug wouldn't be so brightly jowled, but I liked the result so he'll stay like this.

Sunday 10 October 2021

Garrek’s Reavers

 This started with a paintalong for HobbyVices and LonelyHavocs' 1-Hour Hero challenge where I picked one of these guys at random and it escalated quickly into completing the full warband. It wasn't a long or complicated exercise, maybe 12-15 hours in total, but nice to get them completed and ready to play.

The one hour paintjob, from bare plastic to this in sixty minutes.

Friday 8 October 2021

Chopper Bob, champion of Khorne

 After moving house, my hobby mojo took a bit of a hit. I had a few projects on the desk but couldn't bring myself to be enthused for any of them. Talking to a friend about playing Gorechosen and thought it would be fun to kitbash my own champion of Khorne as an exercise in nothing to something.

It's worth noting I don't kitbash, or greenstuff, as my creativity on this front is enormously poor, but taking the frame of an oldschool Chaos Warrior, throwing 40k Ork pieces at it until something looked right, then adding a Space Wolf space marine head ended up with something rather enjoyable.

The colour scheme is deliberately cool tones and a little less of the rich Khorne red than you'd normally see, as I wanted to paint something Warhammer in a non-Warhammer palette and more toward things like Kingdom Death.

Oh, the name? Well, I'm pretty awful at naming things, and when I haven't a clue what to call it, it ends up as a Bob. Let's lay the blame for this squarely on a childhood of Blackadder.

WIP shots in reverse order. Got to love that GW pack of skulls.

Wednesday 6 October 2021

Gorslav the Gravekeeper

Okay, so maybe THIS guy is my favourite. I know I said Radukar was my favourite, but don't tell him and Gorslav can actually be the real favourite. It's a great sculpt, and the combination of ornate headdress, shovel and ripping open a coffin just sold it to me. It was a contributing factor in me buying Cursed City.

At some point I should stop being lazy and taking fast pictures. But despite my best efforts, I find photography an enormously dull exercise and it just gets in my way of wanting to paint more miniatures.

I didn't take a lot of WIP shots while painting models, but I was reasonably pleased with the skin, so you'll find a close-up shot nearer the bottom. This guy is seriously deficient in vitamin D.

Image Image 


Monday 4 October 2021

Radukar the Wolf and his Kosargi Nightguard

A little trepidation painting the wolf pelts on this, as I wasn't happy with the last one I painted (Frozenfang in 2019) and that was a lot bigger. But I spent a little more time considering how to  make it look good and think it paid off.

 Overall, I loved painting these. Loved it. They didn't start as my favourite models in the box, but that's where they've ended up.







Saturday 2 October 2021

Vyrkos Blood-born

 Okay, so it turns out I may have fallen a little behind on updates, so let's catch up ...

Since the last update I've resigned from my job, spent the summer with my family, and we've moved house. In addition I was ploughing through the Cursed City box to try and get everything completed before it was loaded into a removals van.

I wanted my blood-born to look enormously ill, but still alive in some form or another. So there's an ill pallor to the skin tones which was a nice change from all the bones painted on the skeletons recently. Glad I'd changed the blue basing a little, because this scheme worked nicely with the broken pillars.