Wednesday 10 March 2021

Bonnie, Bad Girl

This has sat in my drawer of shame since 2015.  The release, painted by Matteo Di Diomede, was such a beautiful piece, I wanted to buy it and try for myself. It stands as a lesson in folly for me, being lured in by high-quality painting and realising when presented with the resin that you're out your depth.

I left it, until now and thought about how I wanted to remedy this. So it's a really a study in trying to create leather fabric like old chairs in fancy libraries, practising my freehand text, over pencil writing, and playing with where to use colour to draw the eye.

Am I happy with this piece? No, not as a finished piece. But it was good to turn it into a positive learning experience.

Sunday 7 March 2021

Massive Madness

Often Orcs are portrayed as grimy, ne'er do well creatures, so this one gets shiny, colourful armour and SO much colour. The sword and shield were a real challenge to paint, as the surfaces are completely flat, so I created the illusion of a shield boss and central ridge to cram in more colour.

 A shame that the company who made this, Midnight Miniatures, don't seem to create models any more.