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Mister In-Between

Job histories get padded and may boost your professional image. This is okay. Heck, embrace it. It's a fact of life, and a natural thing everyone wants to do in order to best promote themselves and their own achievements when looking at increasing their appeal during the job hunt. This is okay and generally it's acceptable - you're in the habit of self-promotion, not necessarily explaining in depth how good all the other team members were, because you're selling yourself and not them. Let's call it self-marketing, which it is, and be happy that we eliminate the negatives and latch on to the positive. But, where is the moral line in how aggressively and accurately you do this? LinkedIn has cracked this shell open to a degree and now you can see what others write about their work history and share to the world in general. Traditionally these details were wrapped up on a CV you'd never see and what a fascinating thing it is. When reading through updates

Space Hulk: Objective Marker

Well that escalated quickly. Space Hulk objective marker finished already. The base is simply a placeholder to put the figure on for a photograph. In-game it won't have a base - or I may use one an industrial bases from the CMON Kickstarter ... whenever they arrive. Usually I wouldn't bother with a rear shot, but the back of the chair is so wonderfully detailed. Camera shots magnify all your flaws in the most wonderful way. Obviously I'd swear the red/orange layering was flawless IRL, but patently that's not the case ;) Still playing with metallics, but feel like I have a little more control of them - although the verdigris did get a little out of hand, but no matter! All the wiring on the termie is dull greys/blacks as the reds and purples were already quite a barrage of colour. Think I've missed this as a hobby, it has proven exceptionally relaxing over the last two weeks.