Monday 31 October 2016

Chaos Space Marines: Death Guard Marine

This is a quick, tabletop standard figure to play around with a complimentary troop colour scheme to the rhino I did a few weeks back.

Colours don't quite feel right, but that's alright as I don't mind trialling different colour schemes on the foot soldiers. The armour's a little too light, so going to try something a little darker for the next one. Happier with the weathering streaks, metals and nice contrast with the Martian red basing. Probably needs some weathering around the feet to simulate red dust.

Sunday 30 October 2016

Guild Ball Morticians: Bonesaw

October's been a frustratingly, unproductive month on the painting front - so I've settled for a couple of older WIP models and gone for "it'll do" figures to get projects moving along and the mojo working.

So first up here's Bonesaw for my Guild Ball Morticians.

That leaves me with Scalpel to do and then the Morticians will be completed, which is quite exciting!