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Rank and file dwarf army

Recent quietness is simply that. Quiet. Work has been time consuming, as have a number of real life activities. While I've been working on projects, there isn't anything finished to share yet. But in the spirit of posting something so I don't forget ... I've started a dwarf army for Kings of War. The system appealed to me for a few reasons: I had a hankering for a rank and file army, and with no Warhammer Fantasy system available at the moment, this came to the fore. The rule set is well regarded for pick up and play - it's one rulebook for everything. The units' damage isn't measured by removing models, so every unit can be its own diorama! How exciting. Last point is worth reiterating again. Every unit can be a fun story. This is the progress to-date of the unit bases (and spares) and the scenic bases they'll all sit on when not in play. It's going to be a ruined dwarf town. Here's my work in progress in reverse order and you may wish to scroll