Thursday 30 August 2018

Cult of the Rusted Claw WIP #3

A week of mixed success, but progress has been made nonetheless.

Time taken to paint up the bases helped enormously. I have a stash of Sector Imperialis bases, and while larger scale figures like Marines sit much better on 32mm, these smaller 25mm are perfect for the human-scale figures like Cultists and Skitarii.

There's something very pleasing about seeing all the bases lined up when they're completed. Although since taking this shot, I added a little stippling to the grey for more interest.

The Cultists are coming together, and now they're on the bases with heads, it feels a little more real.

Lot of detail still to do, but these really are lovely sculpts to play with.

Sunday 26 August 2018

Church Tank: WIP #2

So things have moved on a little. There's now a top and a front, but look below to see there's even an inside too!

My mad little preacher, for it is he who will inhabit this monstrosity, would live in the tower and preach from the pulpit at the front. I'd like to think this tank has seen a lot of action in its life, and so the tower is heavily damaged from battle.

You'll notice the front pillars are ruined, to reflect incoming damage I'd expect a vehicle like this to take. Plasticard has replaced the

Yes, the cannon isn't fitted into the hole yet. Haven't worked out to do with it yet!

My traditional problem is remembering to add detail. So there's an inside to this tank. I picture it being servitor heavy, as they work the engines and cannon while the mad preacher exhorts the enemy to repent.

To carry on the theme of the damaged tower, I've used a broken panel for the floor as though a projectile had crashed right through the tank.

The pulpit is the more ornate terrain from the Kill Team box, but wrapped around the more practical box constructed from older, Imperial Sector flooring. I like the image of the Adeptus Mechanicus building something, only for the Ecclesiarchy to take it away and put gaudy, gothic detail on it.

Couple of small details added onto the pulpit. One corner is full of melting candles, and the other is a religious book that I'd imagine the preacher will be screaming reading from.

At this point I haven't committed to gluing tank to tower. There may well be magnets. Ideally I'd retain access to the insides, but we'll see how that goes!

Cult of the Rusted Claw WIP #2

I won't bore you going colour by colour, but this felt like a reasonable landmark to share. All the major colours on the figure, and I think the combination is looking good.

We aren't aiming for competition level here, they just need to be on the table and ready to play soon as possible. Over the khaki/white mix, I've applied washes of brown, orange and sepia to pull up the detail quickly, and provide nice contrast to the darker elements of the metallics and blues.

All ten of the Neophytes are at this stage in about ten hours total, at a guess. That feels reasonable, considering some of that time has been tinkering with options. From this point, the shoulder pads need bringing up to pure white, then we need to add squad markings. After that it's picking out the individuality of the figures ... oh, and the small matter of all the heads.

Saturday 25 August 2018

Cult of the Rusted Claw WIP #1

So, the Kill Team starter set happened. Let's gloss over the fact that I've already got several other projects running in parallel. What could possibly go wrong? Anyway ... a combination of factors, but I've embraced it and want to get my Genestealer Cultists running as quickly as possible.

From the rulebook and official GW force, I really liked the look of the Cult of the Rusted Claw.

Then I saw one actually painted up by a non-GW'er ( and thought they still looked great! I'm sold on the idea, so off we go ...

Much cutting, clipping, swearing and gluing later ... I have a force assembled.

You'll notice there's a Skitarii force in the background too. Let's ignore that, and it can come as a wonderful surprise when I actually paint them up.

After priming, I realised the basecoat needed to be significantly brighter, or my planned colour scheme wouldn't work. So over the black goes a 50/50 mix of khaki and white, then it's a case of starting to fill out the darker items of clothing - starting with the boots.

Heads will remain unattached until I'm happy that the inside of the hoods are finished.

It was at this point I realised there had been an error, and there's a slightly graininess to the primer on the models. That'll teach me for using a rattlecan on figures, instead of saving the cans for scenery.

Friday 24 August 2018

Church Tank: WIP #1

This is a little bit of playing catch-up, as these shots have already made it to Instagram - but were lacking a detailed description.

I picked up the Kill Team starter box last weekend as I thought the scenery was suitably gothic for this project. The sheer amount of scenery you get in the box made it a real steal for the price point. The extended length of the pieces compared to the older Imperial Sector kits gives everything a grander feel. Coupled with an old, original Baneblade that was gathering dust in a cupboard ... we have the start of the project.

Constituent components being clipped out and lined up to gauge what we want to do. You'll note some of the older Imperial Sector pieces here, as I have a second box of these still to build at some point - so was looking to incorporate some of the more military themed items.

I want a grand front to this tank, so we start with the largest arch, then add panels behind it to reinforce the church theme. By the end, they'll all be stained glass ... hopefully!

Dark chocolate digestives are essential on larger build projects. But it was a reminder that I do need to start running again, because they're giving me a winter coat ...

So at this point we have the main structure. It's literally the chassis of the Baneblade, as the turret and front plates over the tracks meant it felt too tanky and not churchy enough (technical term). It still feels like a box on top of a tank though, but we're heading in the right direction.

Wednesday 22 August 2018

Church Tank: Introduction

I stumbled over the work of artist Kris Kuksi ( a few weeks ago. His sculptures are incredible; the intricacy and finesse is worth your time. What drew my eye in particular was his  insane Church Tank ...

... so now I'm on a mission to build my own version for 40k. The plan is that it can be the centrepiece of a board as terrain, an objective or a NPC unit.

Monday 20 August 2018

Sector Imperialis: Manufactorum

Loved painting this probably most of all the buildings. Packed with ridiculous, fiddly details to fixate on and fuss over almost indefinitely. I opted to keep this building quite clean and free of Martian dust as I felt there'd inevitably be a Mechanicum invention that prevented the climate conditions impacting it.

Painting the hazard stripes was contagious. It started with the blast windows, then moved to the fans and threshold of the door too. So many buttons, vents, pipes, cables, fans and corners to fur up with rust and mold.

What a blast this was. But they swapped out the million skulls for two million rivets instead. It does take a toll on your sanity after a while!

Sunday 19 August 2018

Sector Imperialis: Honoured Imperium

The fastest pieces in the set. Take some heavy body acrylic black and white, add a little green wash and brown wash, and that's literally it. Pleased with how the stone effect turned out.

I did add a second, darker wash to the statue base just to encourage your eye to look at the statue and not what it's stood on.

Friday 17 August 2018

Sector Imperialis: Basilicanum


This has been a rough couple of months, but I think there's light at the end of the tunnel and it isn't oncoming traffic. Finally.

Quietly, when time allows, I've been painting up my 40k scenery as my mental capacity for anything more complex has been zero. This is the first of the buildings, my Basilicanum. It isn't the same as the new Kill Team themed scenery, it's part of the older, Imperial Sector releases. Hard to believe I bought these nearly a decade ago and have only just started painting them.

My gaming board is set on a red earth planet, so let's call it Mars for the moment as I don't have many other reference points, and imagination isn't my forte.

I've really enjoyed painting these. From broad sweeps of the brush for the terrain, down to fiddling over little details in the scenery itself. From a little gas cannister pushed up against an oil drum, the Martian earth catching in shattered window frames, old propaganda posters, deactivated control panels, to mold on the underside of the roof tiles - which is a hidden treat and not in the photos.

You will be bored of scenery over the next couple of weeks, I promise. But this has been a form of therapy for me, and it's brilliant to have painted terrain to accompany my army on the table.

A little scruffy bonus shot, just to prove that I am painting the underside of the floors too. The introduction of mold, which may be a work in progress as I perfect my techniques for this.