Saturday 10 April 2021

Librarian & Iron Priest

 Part of clearing my backlog is building out the Space Wolves army that's languished on my shelves. There's a nice mix of older and newer models in there. Here's two of the characters, a finecast Iron Priest who is missing the robot claw as I couldn't find it, and a Primaris Librarian.

 Trying to paint quick NMM-ish on both models was good fun, and for a few hours work over two evenings I'm happy with the outcome and have a few more army options.


Sunday 4 April 2021

Thunderhammer & Storm Shield

In my horrifyingly large backlog, I have a lot of Space Wolves. This year I've resolved to paint a lot of them in preparation for playing 9th Edition when we're allowed to socialise with other humans. For this squad, I was playing with bringing the "Craftworld-style"to the tabletop units, trying to balance quality vs speed vs visual impact. They're far from my neatest work but I like the look of them and how the colour comes through.

Friday 2 April 2021


 Last year I ran a small competition on Twitter. Funniest name for my Orks would receive a miniature painted by me. The excellent EvilKipper won with Zardoz ArzSplitta. If you get the reference, you'll appreciate why it gave me a good laugh.

Rob chose one of his Sisters of Battle to be painted, so after much procrastination on both our parts, I finally finished her up in March. The detail on these sculpts is really tasty, and I tried to find a balance on keeping the feel I wanted and not lapsing into 'Eavy Metal style and painting every edge.

Good fun, but I couldn't put myself through painting a whole army of these.